ASEM Global Aging Center is an international specialized institution that promotes human rights of older persons by approaching the global ageing issue and the resulting issues of older persons from human rights perspective.

ASEM Global Aging Center is responsible for policy research, awareness raising and education, information sharing and exchange and cooperation on human rights of the 53 ASEM partners to address poverty, alienation, discrimination, abuse, neglect and ageism. We strive to ensure that the UN Principles for Older Persons (independence, participation, care, self-realization and dignity) are fully reflected in national and government policies of each country.

In the future, where the dignity and rights of older persons are respected, we look forward to your continued support and encouragement in our organization and to joining us in promoting the human rights of older persons.

Thank you.

Executive Director, ASEM Global Ageing Center

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Board of Director

LEE, Hye KyungChairperson

  • (Present) Emeritus Professor, Yonsei University (2013~ )
  • (Former) Chairperson, Korea Foundation of Women (2015~2020)
  • (Former) Professor, Yonsei University (1990~2013)

CHI, EunHeeBoard / Executive Director

  • (Present) Executive Director, ASEM Global Ageing Center (2020~ )
  • (Present) Chairperson of advisory committee, Ministry of Partriots and Veterans Affairs (2019~)
  • (Former) 7th~8th Chancellor, Duksong Women’s University (2006~2013)
  • (Former) Chairperson of advisory committee, National Human Rights Commission of Korea (2005~2006)
  • (Former) 2nd Minister, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (2003~2005)

MUN, Ene-HyounBoard

  • (Present) Director, International Human Rights Division of National Human Rights Commission of Korea

Lee Seok JunBoard

  • (Present) Director, Policy and Education Bureau of National Human Rights Commission of Korea

WON, Young HeeBoard

  • (Present) Professor, Korea Bible University
  • (Present) President, The Korean Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (2020~ )
  • (Former) President, Korea Gerontological Society (2018~2019)

CHO, HyunseBoard

  • (Present) President, HelpAge Korea (2005~ )
  • (Present) Board, Korea Gerontological Society (2019~ )
  • (Former) Board, HelpAge International (2010~2018)

CHO, Sook Hyun Auditor

  • (Present) Lawyer, One Law Partners (2017~ )
  • (Former) Lawer, Hankyul Law Group