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ASEM Global Aging Center has published its second elderly human rights education textbook, “LIFE PLANNING HOW TO PREPARE FOR ACTIVE AGEING AND REALIZE YOUR LIFE DREAMS : A Handbook for the Over-50s”.


Life planning education for those in their 50s and older serves as an important personal and social response to the global aging trend, including guaranteeing the human rights of the elderly.


The ultimate goal is to help older adults better understand the concept of life planning through textbooks, to deeply realize its necessity, and to design and practice their own lives.



The textbook consists of the following contents: ‘50+ New meaning of life’, ‘Meaning of life planning’, ‘Necessity of life planning’, ‘Step 1 (establishing life dreams)’, ‘Step 2 (setting life goals)’, and finally ‘Step 3 ( Establish and implement a time plan)'.


We hope that this textbook will activate various conversations on human rights for the elderly throughout our society.



For more details, please contact AGAC (asemgac@asemgac.org)