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  • ㅇ Three automatic monitoring systems will be implemented, such as an AI system assessing a household’s mobile data usage, to identify isolated households.
  • ㅇ The systems are anticipated to identify risky situations, prevent safety-related incidents, and avoid interfering with the daily lives of individual households that prefer not to be disturbed by calls.
  • ㅇ The systems will collect information, such as details on mobile phone calls, data usage, steps taken, and the history of mobile phone unlocking.
  • ㅇ About 20,000 people will be supported by these systems this year. These smart technologies will fill gaps in care in the wake of the rise in single-person households.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 6, 2024 –

​<Seoul City Added Three More Automatic Monitoring Systems to Diversify Methods.>

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will enhance the “well-being check-on on households using smart technology” by adding three additional monitoring systems. These systems will gather data on electricity usage, mobile phone usage, and similar factors to identify individuals at risk. The previous system involved making regular phone calls to single-person households.

The new systems will extensively utilize AI and Internet of Things technologies, aimed at identifying risks in single-person households. At the same time, these systems are designed not to disturb individuals who prefer to avoid phone calls and cold visits by officials.

On February 5, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the introduction of three well-being check services, ① Ttok Ttok Anbu Hwagin (roughly translated to “Knock-knock Well-being Check”), ② AI Anbu Deun Deun (“AI ensuring well-being”), and ③ Single-person household Well-being Check. These new services will be provided to over 20,000 individuals of single-person households, catering to their needs and situations.

In fact, the SMG has implemented an AI service that makes weekly calls to single-person households to check on their well-being and safety since October 2022. Last year, the city made a total of 483,510 calls to 19,139 socially isolated individuals.

However, some individuals expressed that they did not want to be bothered by phone calls. Moreover, the AI service had limitations in having complex dialogues when individuals were at physical risk. In addressing these issues, the SMG has added new services and improved the previous system, enabling it to make more concise conversations with people.

First off, ① Ttok Ttok Anbu Hwagin (roughly translated to “knock knock well-being check”) service will collect mobile phone-based data. This includes information on a person’s steps taken measured by app, mobile phone usage, and data from IoT devices such as smart plugs and IoT-equipped doors. If no phone usage or physical movement is being detected, the service will automatically make a phone call to that person. If the call is not answered, city officials will make a follow-up call and conduct a visit to the household to verify the person’s situation.

The remaining new systems, ② AI Anbu Deun Deun (“AI ensuring well-being”) and ③ Single-person Household Well-being Check will monitor mobile phone data and electricity usage in households. These services do not require an additional device to be installed within the house. Instead, these systems will gather information from the existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). In the event of an abnormal situation, city officials will be dispatched to the household. In particular, the AI Anbu Deun Deun system examines the history of mobile phone charging and unlocking, which will allow thorough monitoring for the safety of socially isolated and risk-prone individuals.

The SMG will allow city districts (gu) to select from different kinds of monitoring services based on their specific circumstances and the residents’ demands, aiming to maximize effectiveness.


- Release Date: ​2024-02-06

- URL: https://english.seoul.go.kr/seoul-to-utilize-ai-and-iot-technology-to-identify-isolated-single-person-households/