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  • ㅇ Seoul is going all out to transition to smart care, utilizing cutting-edge technology to meet the high and diverse demands of care service in the super-aged society.
  • ㅇ AI-based care robots will be used such as companion robot dogs and rehabilitation robots.
  • ㅇ Smart welfare centers and smart senior centers are underway to improve the well-being of senior citizens.
  • ㅇ In the latter half of this year, a “digital experience bus”, designed to help the elderly with their digital needs, will operate.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 8, 2024 – A robot dog keeps company with an elderly person who lives alone and calls 911 if an emergency occurs. A robot takes care of elderly patients in the nursing home, assisting with their defecation and cleaning. An AI robot plays Go with bored elderly patients. This is not a story from the far distant future. It is present in the smart care services of Seoul.

On March 6, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced plans for elderly care services. In response to the super-aged society era, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will incorporate cutting-edge technology such as AI, robots, and IoT devices into its elderly care services, which are mainly dependent on manual labor. Not only that, the SMG will provide education programs for elderly people to bridge the digital gap and offer leisure activity programs utilizing the latest technology.


- Companion Robots Catered to Living-Alone Elderly People, And Ai-Based Care and Rehabilitation Robots In Nursing Homes

- Smart Welfare Centers and Smart Senior Centers for Enriched Retirement Life

- A Digital Experience Bus for The Elderly’s Digital Capabilities

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- Release Date: ​2024-03-07

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